Hi! I'm Colleen O'Connor and I help single women who want to stop waiting for a partner and be brave enough to live the life of their dreams.

I spent so much of my life waiting - waiting for a partner, waiting to feel like enough on my own, waiting to act on my dreams.

After years of this (and some good therapy and coaching), I said, "NO MORE. It's time to make all of my dreams come true." I decided that if I was going to be scared or anxious about what the future held, I might as well make the future hold some awesome, exciting experiences. So I packed up my fear, my self-doubt, threw in some snacks and water, and set off to blaze my own trail. 

I graduated college at 20, law school at 23, passed the bar, ran a marathon, backpacked down into the Grand Canyon (and managed to hike back out again!), taught a class of 38 high school students, traveled solo for 3 weeks... 

But my biggest (and bravest) accomplishment has been living as a single woman for the last 14 years. Learning to be happy and truly value yourself as a solo entity, independent of your value to another person, is an accomplishment. And it can be hard to give yourself credit for such an accomplishment - especially when you're at the stage when the most publicly celebrated steps are engagements, weddings, and babies. 

Although I have been naturally brave in many ways, it took a long time, much soul-searching, and the help of good coaches for me to find my true calling - to be a life coach. I'm a trained coach through the Martha Beck Institute and am so excited to help you find your best and bravest life!

If you're ready to blaze your trail, click here to find out how you can work with me. 

About The Brave Council

This is the place for single women ready to make brave changes and take brave chances. It's a community for single women who have told all those voices - our own, society's, that one aunt who just doesn't get it - to shut up because we are enough and we are brave and fierce and about to make our dreams come true.


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