lisa l.

I sought Colleen out after a breakup with the man who I thought was going to be my forever. My judgment, confidence, and loving energy were completely shaken. I felt like I had wandered very far away from myself, and needed help finding the path back to me.  

I knew Colleen was the right person to work with, because she's an expert at listening to the heart speak, even when the brain or emotions like fear and anger are trying to get in the way. Colleen helped me to understand all the pain and limiting beliefs I had around love, men, and relationships, and re-open myself up to loving and being loved. 

By the time I finished working with Colleen, I felt like I was alive and free again in ways I hadn't felt in years -- including in the relationship. She helped me see how fully I could love myself. And I got the courage to re-start living my life on my own terms, which included traveling to Bali for a two month solo adventure. Colleen is amazing, and worth easily double what she charges. 

If you're feeling unfulfilled in your life and need someone to help you get your dreams back on track, schedule a conversation with Colleen. You won't regret it. 

amy t.

As someone who views herself as strong and independent, it was not easy for me to accept that I could use or even needed a life coach. From the outside, I appear to have it all together and be successful; the one who helps everyone but never needs help.   Working with Colleen was such an eye opening and refreshing experience.  She has a way of listening to you that validates your thoughts and feelings.  She asked a few simple questions of me that made me take stock of my life and what makes me happy.  These questions turned out to be way harder than I expected.  Colleen helped me to understand that there was no right or wrong answer even when I couldn’t find an answer, while at the same time guiding me to find them.   Colleen has such a genuine heart and desire to help women be brave and happy.  Whether you have an idea of where you want to go and just need support getting there or you have no idea what is missing but know that something is, I would definitely recommend working with Colleen.

kim e. 

I am so excited to recommend Colleen as a Life Coach! She brings amazing sensitivity and intuition but she is also completely grounded. Her mastery of coaching tools is impressive! She is someone you can trust to help and guide you to your best life. She is one rising star to watch!