Photo by Levi Guzman, Unsplash

Photo by Levi Guzman, Unsplash

Don't wait to be "picked" by a partner to live a great life. 

You know you're no damsel in distress, so put on your chain mail and pick up your sword. It's time to rescue your life as a single woman. 

Life is not happening the way I imagined it would happen, so what now?  

Does this sound familiar? I’m going to take an around the world trip when… I’m going to take dance classes when… I’m going to start a catering business when… I’m going to adopt a dog when… I want to buy a house when… I want to write a book when…  

For so many women those sentences end with “when I get married” or “when I have a spouse to support me.” And then you hit a point in your life where you look around think, “Oh shit. I’m still not married. I still haven’t [insert your dream here].” Some women will think this thought and double down on dating. Some women will get really sad. And some will think this thought and their next thought will be, “what do I really want, how do I get it, and can I really get it on my own?”  

If you’re the last kind of woman, this course is for you!  

Are you nodding your head? I’ve been there too! You’re a single woman, and you reach a point where you realize the life you’re living isn’t conforming to the expectations you thought were yours all along. And then you think, are these really my expectations? My desires? Or am I just responding to what I see society telling me are my milestones, my achievements, as a woman?  

What do I really want?  

I know how hard it can be to start listening to the whisper of what you want, especially when it’s different from what you’ve thought you wanted all along. I know how hard it can be to decide to live life on your own terms, to stop waiting to really live until you’ve been coupled up.  

What are you waiting for?  

This is where Your Own Shining Armor comes in. You're allowed to have an amazing life as a single woman and I can help you get there. During the 10 week online course, I'll guide you to know yourself, get out of your own way, and stop waiting. 

You’ll leave knowing your dreams/goals and the one you want to go after right now. And you’ll have a concrete plan designed by you (with help from me) that’s broken down into steps that feel good to you and are doable so we prevent overwhelm from getting you down. You’ll gain a coach who believes you are magnificent and you’ll start believing it too and loving on yourself more. I’ll also teach you how to easily add more joy in your everyday life, have a more positive mindset, and develop better self care practices.  

Beyond the course you’ll have the tools to continue discovering exactly what your dream life looks like.  

Best of all? You’ll have learned that you can be afraid and go after your dreams anyway.  

Additional side effects may include: The feeling of momentum! Making exciting changes! New friends! More confidence! More gratitude! Less fear!  

Your Own Shining Armor includes: 

  • 10 Live Webinars: I'll teach you everything you need to know to stop waiting and start creating your own fairy tale.
  • 5 Group Coaching Calls: Use this time to get help from me and learn from all the other women in the group. 
  • Private Facebook Group: For even more support!
  • Worksheets and Resources: All the extras you need to reach your goals. 


Week 1: Find the good Week 2: Discover your dreams/goals Week 3: Create a plan Week 4: Quiet your fears Week 5: Master your mindset Week 6: Gather your village Week 7: Arrange your life to fit your goals Week 8: Love your single self Week 9: Celebrate your daily joy Week 10: Next steps

Not sure yet? 

It’s too expensive. Yes, this course is an investment in yourself and your life. And that’s a luxury not everyone has. But if you can swing it, this course is so much less expensive than wasting more years wishing your life were different, wishing you knew what you wanted, wishing you had a plan. I can’t guarantee that all of your dreams come true, but I can guarantee that I truly believe in this course and its content, and my ability to help you get clarity on what you really want and how to go get it. Will you regret spending the money or will you regret not ever trying? If you’re committed to taking the course, but need a payment plan, send me an email at and we’ll work out a plan together.

I’ve bought courses before and didn’t end up doing them. Can I guarantee you’ll find the motivation to call in to each class and do the work? Nope. But I can guarantee that if you want accountability, you’ve got accountability. I won’t let you get left behind and will check in with you if you’ve been missing. Plus, you’ll have a Facebook group full of new friends who are walking parallel paths to you and will be so ready to support you in any way they can. And I believe that you’ll be so excited to make these changes that you’ll have all the motivation you need.

What makes you think I can change anything? Because we are women, hear us roar. We all have great capacity to change our lives, if only we start. I’m going to teach you tools to help you know what you really, truly want out of life - after that, you probably will be unstoppable. But I’ll keep teaching you how to make a plan that works for you, how to go after your dreams in a way that feels good, for you. And I know you can change your life because I’ve changed my life. And my clients have changed their lives. You may have been absorbing the societal message all your life that you’re not a valuable woman until you’re chosen by a man, but I know that’s just bullshit. Really, you know it too. So let’s shake off society and do what we want to do. Show everyone just how valuable a single woman can be. When it really clicks for all of us that we’re so incredible right now, just as we are, single women are going to rise up and it’s going to be AMAZING.

How do I know Colleen isn’t full of it? I live what I’m teaching. Every day. In November 2017, I left my super secure government job in DC to move back to California and become a full time entrepreneur. I’ve traveled alone for weeks at a time. I’ve been single for 14 years, so name a pitying comment or look or a situation you have to figure out on your own, and I’ve been there, done that, know the way out of the hole.